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  1. Air Transat

    Britain is revamping its international travel rules in a bid to restore consumer confidence in taking an overseas holiday. Passenger traffic has fallen off a cliff because of cumbersome rules and expensive COVID-19 tests.

  2. 1235292591

    Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers set up a ministry for the "propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice" in the building that once housed the Women's Affairs Ministry, escorting out World Bank staffers Saturday as part of the forced move.

  3. View of roof under repair at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris in April 2021

    Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is finally stable and secure enough for artisans to start rebuilding it, more than two years after a shocking fire that tore through its roof, knocked down its spire and threatened to bring down the rest of the medieval monument.

  4. 1341069569

    Police in Australia used pepper spray to subdue protesters on Saturday at an anti-lockdown rally in Melbourne, the country's second-largest city.


    A California jury on Friday found multimillionaire real estate heir Robert Durst guilty of murdering his best friend Susan Berman in 2000, the first homicide conviction for a man suspected of killing three people in three states over the past 39 years.

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